IBDKitties Store

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I have started an IBDKitties store with an array of different products. 100% of the profits of all products go directly for IBD research through Quasimodo and the Kitty Kollar fund, which is through the Winn Feline Foundation. For that information please go to this page: https://www.ibdkitties.net/donate/winn-foundation/. I get absolutely nothing out of this except the satisfaction that I’m doing something to contribute to finding a cure and/or better treatments for this horrendous disease. The beautiful artwork on these products were created and donated by my friend Leana de Villiers. Working together on my ideas and her vision created a wonderful result. “IBD makes me hiss” which is written over the back of this gorgeous cat, is quite poignant to all of us and our fur kids. Please check out the store and check back frequently as I will be adding new products often. https://www.zazzle.com/ibdkitties?rf=238227712366465002

To contact Leana or see her artwork please visit her blog: https://leanadevilliers.blogspot.com

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