IBDKitties Calendar 2020

Hello everyone, in 2018 I created an IBDKitties calendar and it was a huge success. In fact I did two different ones, they came out BEAUTIFUL. This year I’ll be doing it again for 2020, it will be sold in the IBDkitties Zazzle store. https://www.zazzle.com/store/ibdkitties/products . I’ll be taking candidates for the monthly pictures via email only to my website email, contact@ibdkitties.net. DO NOT POST THEM IN THE FACEBOOK GROUP or send them to me via Messenger. PLEASE FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS! Here’s what I’m looking for: Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • Two pictures of your IBD cat only. If you have more than one cat with IBD and would like to have them both in the picture, I’d need them in the same photo together.
  • I’m only choosing ONE photo so please don’t send me more than two and they must meet the criteria listed here.
  • Kitty must be either diagnosed IBD or suspected IBD by your vet, not just by you.
  • Kitty can be living or passed away.
  • Photo must be a jpg and VERY clear, not blurry. Must be minimum of 1200 x 900 megapixels, (size of picture. It can be larger but not smaller). Should also be at least a 150 or more pixels in resolution. Must see kitty’s face/faces clearly. Please send as attachments only as I’d have to copy and paste the pictures out of my email and it’s difficult.
  • Include your name (won’t be printed on the calendar, strictly so I know who I’m dealing with. Include name of the kitty/kitties, approximate age/ages. If passed, date of passing. Date of suspected diagnosis. Put in subject line: For calendar contest.
  • These photos will be for each month of the year so keep this in mind when sending; don’t all send me Christmas themed pictures. If you have a GREAT one you think will make it worthwhile then yes please! Same for the other holidays. Otherwise just a regular photo.
  • Again please understand I will only be able to choose one photo for each of the 12 months. This will be very difficult because ALL kitties are so beautiful! But if this goes over well, we’ll try it again next year.
  • Your kitty can’t be one that I’ve already used, so if they were in my previous calendars I’m so sorry but I’m only taking new applicants.
  • Contest will end Friday, October 25th, 2 pm eastern time, unless I feel I’ve got what I need. Which I will then make the decision to end the contest early so I can get working on the calendars.

Please see my IBDKitties Zazzle store for more shopping and great Christmas gifts. Lots of sales all the time! Thank you! https://www.zazzle.com/store/ibdkitties/products


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