This page is full of valuable resources to other fabulous and informative pages here on the web. Many of these people are personal friends of mine who have worked tirelessly to help pets thrive and live a better, more healthy life. Please check them out.

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Fighting Feline IBD with both a Traditional and Holistic Approach – Interview with Founder,

Care For You Animal, Care For

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Paws ReikiFrom IBDKitties: Pawprints Reiki does several Reiki healing events for us in our IBDKitties support group. The healing the pet parents and the pets feel is incredible and I can vouch for her personally as one of the best Reiki Masters I have known.

Offering Reiki for pets and pet parents. Distance Reiki available worldwide. Home visits available in Southern Kentucky and Middle Tennessee.





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This particular acupuncture studio is for humans only, no pets. But it’s incredibly important to find something for yourself that helps with stress and your own physical and emotional well being. What acupuncture has done for me is beyond words. I spent years suffering with no relief and now I do much better with consistent treatment. Some places like this one do group sessions and it’s much cheaper than going to individual.


Kitty Kollars

These Kitty Kollars are a blessing when you have a cat with a feeding tube. Please check out this wonderful product, it helps lesson the stress of feeding, keeps the tube clean and secure.

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