IBDkitties Group Guidelines

NOTE: ANYONE is welcome to join our group. As long as you abide by the rules we welcome everyone who wants to learn, help others, or needs help.

This group was started for people that have or have had kitties with IBD, fatty liver disease, pancreatitis or any other GI disorder. We’re here to offer love, emotional support, guidance and personal experiences only, so please be respectful and kind! We are NOT veterinarians. Always check with your vet before making changes to medications and/or treatment. Any suggestions made regarding medications, supplements, treatments, diet, etc. are only that…suggestions, and should not be regarded as medical advice. Research material, theories, experience, etc. are all welcome. However, we are not here to persuade, confuse, argue, intimidate or scare others into our views or opinions. Please refrain from arguing an issue to the point of exhaustion. Be respectful of each other’s opinions and feelings, state your point and move on. NO food shaming. Everyone here does the best they can with their kitties. We are here to offer support and education, but not pressure. Every cat is different and there are no “one size fits all” treatments or answers. What works for one or several others may not work for another and it is ultimately the pet parent’s decision to make regarding what kind of treatment, medication, supplements, diet, etc. that they are willing to give their pet.

This group is open to some holistic treatments, however, we are NOT a holistic group. We see A LOT of pages, groups and posts, etc. on holistic treatments that are unsafe, have no proven science behind them, and are not researched and proven safe. Please take the time to research alternatives and be aware that the admins of this group will be monitoring posts. Some comments/posts and possibly the member will be removed for safety reasons. Any discussions on essential oils is prohibited as we feel it’s unsafe (regardless of the amount of attention and/or selling of these items by vets etc.). Please see this link for further information on why it’s unsafe: http://www.ibdkitties.net/supplements/toxicunsafe-natural/. Coconut oil is a fad that is proven to not be good for dogs, cats and even people when taken internally. Please also see the link above. Alcohol of any kind in products are not safe, nor are essential oils. Cats cannot process either. These items are frequent in conversations in the group. http://www.ibdkitties.net/toxicunsafe-foods/ and are particular sticking points as we feel the discussion of these are not conducive to the safety of this group. There are many gray areas concerning holistic treatments and we just don’t have the time or resources to debate the issue constantly. CBD oil is popular now and while we respect this and have no problems with it, we also again are not a holistic group and are not able to spend time researching how it works and which ones are safe. CBD oil can interfere with some medications and like anything else can have side effects to it. While we are fine with it, we’d prefer it not become the lead discussion in the group.

The admins and members try very hard to make sure questions are answered in a timely manner. However, the group is getting very large and there are so many posts that sometimes a member’s post will get buried before we have a chance to answer. If your question isn’t getting answered, remember to bump your post to make sure we see it. And always check the website first, answers to many common questions are there. Keep in mind that some days the admins are busy with our lives. We aren’t able to be on here 24/7, we do this for free. We all have a lot going on in our lives and hope you understand and respect that.

There are many people who very generously want to donate medications, which can be expensive, to members of the group. Unfortunately due to strict laws, we will not allow those particular posts in the group. Giving away or selling of medications, any medications, is against the law and we could be reported which would hurt everyone in the group. Because of that, only supplements, food and supply posts will be allowed. We apologize as we need to think about the safety of everyone involved.

We also do not in any way advocate vegan or vegetarian diets for cats. They are obligate carnivores and if not fed meat they are in serious danger of anemia, B12 deficiency, etc. We will not advocate those here and any posts regarding these diets will be removed and possibly the member as well if they push it. Sorry but that’s life threatening.

The group is a sister page to the website http://www.ibdkitties.net/. Please refer to this site for information, case studies, research, etc. If you feel there is some misinformation on my website, message me and let me know privately.

Keep posts relevant to the subject matter and please do not hijack other people’s posts in order to discuss your kitty. We appreciate you answering the questions asked or giving your experience when it applies but if you need help, we want you to start your own thread. The person who originally posted has the right to have the attention focused on their needs at the time. In order to keep things easy to find and flowing for all members, refrain from posting of random articles not associated with the subject matter, photos of unknown pets and graphics. Random graphics (funny, cartoons, etc) are not allowed as it easily gets out of hand. Those are fine and even welcome to post in the IBDKitties fan page: https://www.facebook.com/IBDkitties/.

Also, it’s fine to post occasional pictures of your kitty without questions or advice, but please don’t flood the forum with pictures only, we want to keep the forum clean and flowing for people to find subject matters easily. If these things are posted they will be immediately removed and you will be contacted with a reminder to read the guidelines over again. Also please refrain from posting pictures of your’s or anyone’s kitty poop and/or vomit as some of us are very squeamish.

As much as I too would like to find homes for all injured, sick and abandoned animals, respect that this is a group solely for kitties with the above mentioned conditions and anything posted to the contrary will be immediately removed. Unfortunately fundraising links will no longer be allowed. I let it go for a short while but the group was inundated with it and I received complaints. Also no selling, promoting your pages, etc. here in the group. If you are posting a link for another group because of additional health issues that’s fine. If you have a pet product, a page or information you’d like to share, you’re welcome to do it on the IBDkitties Fan page and I’ll share it there. https://www.facebook.com/pages/IBDKitties-Fan-Page/243029879128342.

We’re here for help and support, and you are welcome to join if you’d like to learn more about IBD, share your experience, etc. But if you feel you are having a difficult time, it’s recommended you join our new bereavement group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/IBDKittiesGriefSupport/ We’re better equipped to help you through your extreme grief and can concentrate on only that subject. We hope you understand that the pet parents here in the regular group are in a delicate state with their own pets and it can become too much sometimes to see the extreme grief you are going through every day. It’s a difficult situation for everyone. The bereavement group is not only if you’ve lost a pet but also if you’ve lost friends, family members, etc. and are in need of help or to talk about it, it’s a safe space. Be aware that the bereavement group is for IBDKitties members only and we will not accept outside members.

I’d like to also ask not to post pictures or video of your kitty’s body after it’s passed or getting ready to pass or anything like that. Many people here are on the edge with anxiety and some have PTSD after watching their kitties pass away or being so sick. We aren’t trying to be insensitive, quite the opposite. We know that many different cultures and places around the world handle death differently. Not everyone can handle it though. Thank you for your understanding.

IBDKitties reserves the right to remove any member without warning for not following these guidelines and to change or add to the guidelines in the future. Bullying will not in any way be tolerated and that includes towards the admins. I understand that IBD is extremely stressful for everyone but taking it out on anyone in the group is not tolerated. If it’s reported that someone in the group has been bullied publicly or privately, the person doing the bullying will be immediately removed and blocked. Anyone who feels someone is violating the guidelines should feel free to contact an admin or report the post. Differing opinions are of course welcome but any escalation to arguments, belittling or continuous antagonizing will be grounds for removal of the thread and the people or person responsible. Please ask all health related questions in the group only and refrain from PMing admins for personal opinions and one on one help. There are many more members in the group itself that can offer you help and in fact probably know more about certain conditions than we sometimes do. We are not here 24/7 and cannot keep up with these requests. Thank you for understanding.

You may not block any of the admins. If we see that you have, you will promptly be removed from the group. We cannot have people blocking us because you don’t like the rules; we need to be able to converse with you for many different reasons. Simple as that.
Thank you for your cooperation.

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