AnimalBiome is a new startup that is translating the latest developments in microbiology and genetics into products that improve animal health. We estimate that about 10 million dogs and cats in the US suffer from digestive disorders and we have found that many digestive disorders are linked to low bacterial diversity in the gut.

In addition, we find that some apparently healthy pets also have low bacterial diversity, which may make them more prone to develop health problems in the future. The current solutions to digestive disorders are expensive and they only address symptoms, not the source of the problem.

At AnimalBiome we are using our microbiome assessment kits to allow pet owners to view their pet’s bacterial diversity, and we are developing solutions in the form of fecal microbiota transplant (FMT) pills and cat- and dog-specific probiotic mixtures. Our FMT pills are currently being tested in a pilot study through veterinarians and the results to date are very promising.

Our success will change the pet health industry by enabling pet owners and veterinarians to make data driven decisions about the care of their pets. The gut microbiome influences more than just digestion; it’s been linked to conditions such as allergies, diabetes and even depression. The more pet owners we have participating in our cause, the more successful we will be at addressing the underlying role of gut bacteria in a wide variety of disorders.

It is a certainty that microbiome data is going to be used to improve the health and wellness of both pets and their owners in the future, and we are striving to make that happen as soon as possible.


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