We're always looking for cats to document on this site as a way of letting researchers, universities, veterinarians
and the public know what kind of treatments, foods, age group, etc., that these cats are falling into. If you would
like to contribute information on your cat for this section, please provide the proper information and email it to us

1. Save written information in a word or works format and include as an attachment.

2. Include your first and last name & email address, strictly for MY records only and will not be listed on the
website, and your cat's full name (first and last, or last initial if your not comfortable including it).

3. Include your city, state, province, country, etc. Whatever information you feel comfortable providing, as long as
there is some idea of your area.

4. Include two pictures saved as jpgs. of just that one cat. Attach separately from the documented info.

5. Your cat's approximate date of birth, gender and breed.

6. Each condition the cat's been diagnosed with and approximate date of diagnosis for them, not just IBD but
conditions the cat has in addition as they are relevant to treatments.

7. Please
do not write in diary form, no need for a day to day account. Write a synopsis of what’s happened
since they first began getting sick, all the way up until now. When the symptoms began, how it was diagnosed,
what tests were run, how it was treated, any and all additional treatments, foods that they were eating before IBD
and food changes since being diagnosed. All medications, holistic treatments, herbs and supplements.

8. Names of diseases do NOT get capitalized and medications get capitalized only if they are brand names. I
usually use this website to check
www.drugs.com/drug_information.html for human drugs and
www.drsfostersmith.com/general.cfm?gid=1116 for pet drugs. It really helps make less editing time for myself.
Also try to do a simple spell check before you submit your cat's story to us.

9. A good way to remember everything that's happened and look up the dates and tests that were performed, is
to have your vet send you a copy of their records. It's MUCH easier than trying to remember everything, but
please to write it from
your point of view and not the vet's, because that’s important as you are the pet parent.
Feel free to review each kitty's page and choose whatever style you'd like to submit your info. Your cat will have
their own profile page that must be continually updated. Any visits to the vet for checkups, additional
complications, tests, etc. should be sent to us for updating their page. Any food changes, medications, etc.

10. Because IBD is an ever-changing condition, we also need to include any news of downturns and setbacks or
especially good news of progress. By including your kitty on this site, you're pledging to help others find any
possible treatments that might work for their cats. And in turn, others become invested in the lives and progress
of your kitty. Your participation in this section is greatly appreciated and will benefit so many others.
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