Indiana W.

Indiana1Indiana Wambles – Charlotte, NCIndiana2
Male Domestic Short Hair
July 2001 – August 2013
Diagnosed with suspected IBD January 2013



Indiana was my failed foster kitten. He came in around 5 weeks old covered in fleas and motor oil and promptly came home with me after his bath. He always had an appetite and was very attached to his food, which was reflected in his weight. He was one of the moodier kitties of the bunch. He ate a lot and therefore he passed a lot. Limiting his food was a difficult option because he would attack the other cats out of spite if he didn’t have what he thought was enough food. I made the choice to let him go after a year of multiple daily episodes of explosive diarrhea. We had several litter boxes because the other cats refused to use the ones he used until I could clean up. His bottom was constantly red and raw, nothing was controlling his bowel movements and even though he was a large cat, he had lost weight and muscle mass and it seemed to be time. I didn’t want to make him suffer the way I may have made Cleo by holding on to her too long and too tight, so I didn’t let him get quite as weak as she was at the end.

9/6/01: FELV neg, FIV, FVRCP, feline bordatella, upper respiratory infection
9/19/01: (10 weeks old) dewormed, clavamox .25ml 2x daily until gone (2.20 lbs)
10/2/01: FVRCP (2.9 lbs)
10/31/01: 1 Year Rabies (5.2 lbs)
12/15/01: Ivermectin each ear once a week for 6-8 weeks (5.2 lbs)
1/5/02: Cestex 12.5 mg for tapeworms
10/12/02: FVRCP (16.5 lbs)
7/11/03: Frontline Plus
10/23/03: FVRCP, 3 Year Rabies, started Hills R/D food (19.5 lbs)
11/11/04: FVRCP (20 lbs)
1/13/05: I reported regurgitation of R/D due to rapid ingestion
11/21/05: FVRCP booster, started Hills M/D (21 lbs)
3/3/06: dental cleaning, deline bordetella, CAPSTAR, switched to Science Diet Light because vomits all other food (21 lbs)
11/24/06: 3 Year Rabies, FVRCP Booster (21.5 lbs)
12/21/07: FVRCP (23.8 lbs)
12/4/08: HCP 3 Year Feline Vaccination, Neo-Predef with Tetracaine Powder for when he’d start chewing on his paw, clavamox 125 mg every 12 hours until gone (23.5 lbs)
1/7/09: Refill clavamox
3/11/09: refill Tetracine powder
12/16/09: 3 Year Rabies (21.6 lbs)
3/10/11: reported struggling with 1-3 months of loose stool with foul odor. Switched food to Blue Buffalo Spa Select, did O&P/giardia test. There was no weight loss or chronic vomiting so started with fecal and course of flagyl. Appetite was steady. Occasional vomiting of clear liquid. 1.2 ml of metronidazole daily (21.6 lbs)
3/14/11: Flagyl worsened diarrhea. Stopped it and switched to Hills I/D.

Indiana improved off and on over the time period of March 2011-December 2012 but diarrhea never fully subsided.

3/18/11: added Proviable probiotic kit.
10/14/11: HCP 3 year feline vaccination. Indiana had been diagnosed obese for a while, but he would attack the other cats if his dish went empty very long. He was an emotional eater. All blood work still within normal ranges. (24.2 lbs)
1/21/13: 3 Year Rabies (18 lbs)
2/21/13: weight check, still 18.2 lbs but diarrhea again. Another negative fecal. Monitor.
2/27/13: 250mg metronidazole daily for 14 days. Not best success with tablets.
5/6/13: 2ml daily of metronidazole
6/10/13: switched to Hills Z/D
7/8/13: still explosive diarrhea. 2 rounds of probiotics made it worse, all watery. Lab A had been done, all normal.
7/10/13: Texas GI Panel, Abdominal x-ray, 5 mg prednisone twice a day for 7 days, then 2.5mg once a day for 7 days, then 2.5 mg every other day
7/22/13: started weekly vitamin B injections, .5 ml once a week for 6 weeks
7/31/13: no change in diarrhea, advised of ultrasound or biopsy options
8/5/13: lab profile A cbc-leukocytosis 24.3, neutrophilia, lymphopenia, eosinophilia, T4=1.8. Inflammatory response – IBD, neoplasis
8/12/13: euthanasia

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