Parents Speak
This section is written by parents who's cats have conditions that may or may not be related to IBD. These
articles are written based on their stories, knowledge they've acquired and/or certain experiences they've had
and have graciously decided to share them with others. If you have something you'd like to write about and it
hasn't already been covered here, please email us at and give us your suggestion for
consideration. It should be repeated that any of the recommendations here are NOT meant to take the place of
veterinary advice, as we are NOT veterinarians.

A Foster Mom's Tale of Letting Go

Allergies & Raw Food

Batman & Robin: The True Story of the Dynamic Duo's Amputations

Disability & Estate Planning For Your Pets' Care

Facing Unexplained Seizures

Feline Asthma

Feline Breast (Mammary) Cancer

From Surviving to Thriving - A Tale of Raw Food

Life As an Amputee

Living with Feline Diabetes

My Megacolon Kitty

OCD & Allergies

Preparedness in Natural Disasters with Animals

River Cat & FIV

Severe Allergies & Testing

Stem Cell Therapy
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