Needles & Syringes
No prescription needed in most states. Check with your state government website or call your pharmacists to
find out. Excellent quality and inexpensive, very fast shipping.

Med-Vet Insulin & T.B. Syringe & Needle 1cc 25x5/8 insulin/T.B. 100/bx

For B12 injecton suppliers:

Lactated Ringers Solution DEHP Free
(1000 ml Plastic Bag)
Venoset IV Tube
Disposable Needles-Polypropylene Hub (for IV and tubing)

Lactated Ringers, tubing and needles DEHP Free

For For other Helpful Tools & Essential Supplies:

Needles and Other Sharps (Safe Disposal Outside of Health Care Settings)

State Disposal Laws
Entocort (budesonide)
Prescription needed but cheaper to buy in Canada

Entocort (budesonide) Compound Capsule (sustained release) Bottle of 100

Global, pharmacist clinical resources
This website is a source for the conversion of steroids, contains a conversion calculator.

Tiny Tabs™ Pillable Tablets
Made to specifications of medication by Wedgewood Pharmacy, Pills are smaller than a Tic Tac, easier for pet to
swallow. Check the website for list of medications that are applicable.

Twist-a-Dose™ Transdermal Gel Applicator
For impossible to pill pets. Gel can be applied directly to the cat's ear and absorbed through the skin. Check the
website for list of medications that are applicable.

Gourmeds™ Tasty, Chewable Tablets
Crunchy or soft treats made with specific medications already in them. Treats come in chicken or fish flavors but
can and may contain fillers like grains and/or artificial sweeteners. You can call the company and ask to have the
treats made without certain fillers or sweeteners and if possible to do, they will gladly oblige. Just state that your
cat suffers from a GI disease or disorder like IBD or others and they'll easily work with you and try to make it to
your specifications. Check the website for list of medications that are applicable.
Medical Supplies
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